The versatile “Vari-Flow” SS Series Traveling Sump Screen is custom fabricated to easily replace the stationary screens in your system while the unit remains operational. Our rugged stainless steel and U.H.M.W. plastic construction requires no maintenance or lubrication, and the simple process of cleaning your screen requires one (1) operator approximately two (2) minutes to completely clean the sump screen.
Vari-Flow SS Traveling Sump Screen
Vari-Flow SS Traveling Sump Screen
Vari-Flow Sump Screen System Advantages
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Replacement of your double or single fixed screen/s is as easy as removing the fixed screen/s as required in the normal cleaning process, and installing your new Traveling Sump Screen which is “custom designed and built” to simply slide down into your existing tracking system. Simply “add water” (approximately 40 psi) for the backwash system and your new screen is operational.

With the “Vari-Flow” Traveling Sump Screen, you will never pull or remove any screen again for cleaning. Instead, simply rotate the 180° or 360° belt for automatic backwashing into the debris collection pan.

Traditional fixed screens, even in double or parallel units, allow debris to enter the pump suction pits, thereby damaging pumps and fouling downstream exchangers. Although commonly thought to be a maintenance function, the fouling of exchangers from foreign debris can be permanently corrected with the simple installation and usage of our user friendly and maintenance free traveling sump screen.

Some of the advantages of the “Vari-Flow” system include:

1. Keeping exchangers free from debris.
2. Never having to pull or remove another fixed screen for cleaning.
3. Ease of operation with a simple “back-flush” system requiring only one (1) operator approximately two (2) minutes to completely clean the screen.
Installation of a pre-engineered “Vari-Flow” SS Series Traveling Sump Screen as pre-filtration to prevent debris into your storm water or waste water treatment facility is as simple as selecting any upstream rectangular area for an installation point.

Our knowledgeable engineering and sales staff will design a system specifically tailored to your needs. Installation in sumps without an existing support system is achieved by the pre-fabrication of easily mounted support frames which will retrofit any rectangular sump to a user-friendly installation point.

With the “Vari-Flow” system, you can:

1. Choose any rectangular installation point in your system.
2. Choice from over 20 different sizes of screen mesh opening which allows you to exclude virtually any debris sizes that affect downstream operation.
Product recovery such as plastic fines, pellets and other materials may be captured at any point in a rectangular area with the usage of our “Vari-Flow” system. Our sump screens are easily converted to capture particles in the “micron” range with the addition of pre-filter belts. As always, our staff is there to assist you in the complete engineering, design, and installation of a system specifically tailored to your needs.
The Traveling Sump Screen has many applications which are traditionally accomplished by inefficient “fixed” screens such as:

Cooling Tower Sumps
Waste Water Pre-filtration
Storm Water Pre-filtration
Product Recovery
Fire Water Intakes

The versatile “Vari-Flow” SS Series Traveling Sump Screen is designed, manufactured, and marketed exclusively by Industrial Cooling Tower Services, Inc.
Maintenance program development and implementation to prioritize repairs based on thorough annual inspection programs.
Reconstruction services based on a combination of solid engineering practices and quality workmanship utilizing components to address your specific needs.
Thermal upgrades designed with a full understanding of your process variables and how they will effect the upgrades’ durability and predictability.
Engineering/new construction services to design and construct a new tower to meet or exceed your thermal requirements.
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