The very nature of thermal upgrades is for service providers to offer magical solutions that often times create operational and maintenance nightmares. Many customers enter this area with the promise of substantial thermal improvement without being fully informed of the potential operational difficulties associated with a hybrid cooling tower.

While the intention of the upgrade is to improve efficiency and process performance, consideration must also be given to the durability and predictability of the upgrade. Operational parameters and concerns of a hybrid cooling tower can be predicted before they dramatically effect your unit’s ability to perform at maximum output.

We believe the key to a successful upgrade is to approach this area as a collaborative effort with our customer. So, manage your risks and contact Industrial Cooling Tower Services, Inc., to discuss the possibility of upgrading your cooling water system without any surprises after the project is completed.
Maintenance program development and implementation to prioritize repairs based on thorough annual inspection programs.
Reconstruction services based on a combination of solid engineering practices and quality workmanship utilizing components to address your specific needs.
Thermal upgrades designed with a full understanding of your process variables and how they will effect the upgrades’ durability and predictability.
Engineering/new construction services to design and construct a new tower to meet or exceed your thermal requirements.