Maintenance- A Common Sense Approach
Maintenance- A Common Sense Approach
Industrial Cooling Tower Services, Inc., has developed many long-term relationships with our customers by demonstrating the cost benefits of performing timely inspections of their cooling water systems and offering a common sense approach to prioritizing maintenance spending on a yearly basis.

The development of long-term annual inspection programs provides valuable information to our customers that allows them to accurately budget and plan their maintenance concerns with full consideration being given to the process implications.

We believe that maintenance programs should be evaluated on the basis of short-term and long-term spending requirements which are derived from a thorough inspection and evaluation of your cooling water systems. Our goal is to emphasize what we believe are two of the key elements of an effective maintenance program:

1. Focus on maintenance items that combine engineered improvements on a "time-line" that fits your maintenance budget.

2. Combine repairs and process improvements to increase efficiency with calculated “payback” periods to offset maintenance expenditures.

To see how your company could benefit from our innovative approach to maintenance concerns, contact Industrial Cooling Tower Servicees, Inc. – your single source for all of your cooling water system requirements.
Maintenance program development and implementation to prioritize repairs based on thorough annual inspection programs.
Reconstruction services based on a combination of solid engineering practices and quality workmanship utilizing components to address your specific needs.
Thermal upgrades designed with a full understanding of your process variables and how they will effect the upgrades’ durability and predictability.
Engineering/new construction services to design and construct a new tower to meet or exceed your thermal requirements.